• Awesome! Easy for a birthday party. They kept the kids entertained with games in the truck the entire time while the adults relaxed. The kids loved it! Great idea for a party for either a boy or a girl. We've used Mobile Gamz for both. They have a dance floor in the truck that the girls loved! Perfect party! They were awesome and I would use them again.

  • We booked Mobile Games for a 9 yr old boys' birthday party. The owner worked with us to secure a slot - fairly last minute. He worked us into the schedule and was extremely responsive. We weren't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be awesome. A bunch of 9 year old boys, contained inside a truck, playing video games and totally entertained. We even let the little siblings hop on an play as well. The doors shut and you don't hear a peep out of them for an hour and a half or however long you reserve.

    The facilitator was great - friendly, easy-going, and very knowledgeable. I can't recommend it enough. It was perfect.

    We had the boys come inside for some hotdogs/hamburgers and cake and that was the party. No stress!

  • My teenage son had a great party. Not too kiddy and yet cool enough to feel good about having a birthday party with friends.

  • "Best birthday party ever" according to my 12-year old. He and his friends had a great time playing laser tag and on the video game bus. Mobile Games staff was awesome. They came early to set up, did a great job describing all the laser tag games (different rules each round kept the boys engaged and challenged), and made sure everybody was set up and having fun on the bus. After the party, my son asked if he could have the exact same party next year.

  • I rented a game truck from Mobile Games two years ago and my sons have requested to have them again every birthday since. They are very reasonably priced and are able to fulfill almost any request. Do you know how parents typically drop kids off and pick them up when the festivities are over? That doesn't happen with Mobile Games. Fathers in particular want to get in on the fun and revert to being little boys when they see the truck. Mr. Huskins is also very sweet. No woman boards or gets off the truck without him offering his arm for support (very chivalrous). He also makes sure that guests have a good time instead of constantly reminding you of the time and billing you for every millisecond. A Mobile Games Party is the easiest party to plan and host. Just say hello, supply some food, and actually enjoy yourself

  • We hired Mobile Games for another event on Saturday and literally had to ply the kids off the truck. They did not want the fun to end. Chris was wonderful and checked beforehand to see what games the kids were permitted to play. (I have a son who believes that restrictions don't apply when his friends are present and that turning 9 means that he's mature enough for M-rated games now.) Verifying my preferences meant that I did not have to police anything and they could go on having age-appropriate fun. They offer an amazing variety of games so everyone from the Minecraft obsessed crowd to the virtual athletes end up satisfied.

  • We had Mobile Gamz come to our son's 9th birthday party at our home. The video game truck arrived promptly. 12 children (boys and girls) streamed into the air conditioned truck. Everyone received a controller and they played Xbox and Wii for an hour. The representative was professional and even verified that we did not want the children to play shooting or violent games. I hung out in the truck for a few minutes and then moved to the outside of the truck to chat with some of the adults at the party. It was the most relaxing hour of any birthday party for a child I ever experienced, especially for my own child. I would definitely recommend Mobile Gamz!!

  • We had a wonderful experience with Mobile Gamz! Found this through Groupon and booked it for my son's 9th birthday. Showed up on time, the representative was courteous and verified if there were any games we did not want the kids to play. It was by far the easiest party to host and the kids all absolutely loved it. Would highly recommend.

  • The best game truck business in Atlanta! Prices are the most competitive the game truck is state of the art with all the tvs and video games. However, the difference maker is the owner. Randy. He will do whatever is required to ensure the party is a success. I will only use Street Gamez for my parties.

  • THE BEST mobile gaming party in town! Always prompt, courteous and FUN!  My son's birthday is in December so we always struggled on how to throw  him a fun party when our home is all deck out for Christmas. So we found Mobile Gamz!! Perfect answer for us as parents and our son was over the moon! No cleanup and the kids (and some parents) were thoroughly  entertained!! Randy and his team are the best at what they do!

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